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Tate Alustra

Tate Alustra boasts a remarkable design, optimized to offer superior performance and unparalleled ease of installation. This innovative aluminum grid features a strut-like profile, resulting in a lightweight, ultra-strong ceiling system that is not only easy to transport but also effortless to install. The heavy-duty aluminum profile of Tate Alustra enables flexibility when it comes to suspending the grid from the building’s structure. With connection spacing of up to 8 feet apart.

Product Highlights

  • Heavy-duty aluminum grid features a strut-like profile.

  • Maximum safe working load of upto 1200 lbs when using a spring nut connecton with a 4×4 hanger spacing.

  • Two connection options for suspending equipment and infrastructure within a data center.

  • Flexible connections to the building structure anywhere along the Tate Alustra mains and up to 8 feet apart.

  • Lightweight, ultra-strong ceiling system that is easy to transport and install.

  • Available in standard white or black paint aluminum.

  • Combining Tate Alustra with our light structural grid enables the creation of any desired layout, for tiles and lights.

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